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Many people hesitate to start up a corporation, ‘incorporate‘, or transition to a corporate entity, because of their perception of all of the corporate processes and paperwork that is required. Often people also have an unclear understanding of the benefits of incorporating, such as liability protection and potential tax savings which can also cause them to hesitate.

This becomes even more important when you are dealing with licensed professionals that also have to adhere to regulations and codes within their profession. Setting up a medical practice may not be as straightforward as it appears, and as a busy medical professional trying to find the time to research and understand all these laws is near impossible.

As California corporate attorneys, first we help our clients to understand the benefits of incorporating a business, then we help them to select the best corporate structure and entity to serve their business needs. For medical doctors in California, the best and required entity is a medical professional corporation. Let’s get your practice set-up quickly and accurately, so you can focus on serving your patients and their health.

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