Every journey begins with a single step. Start your medical corporation on the right foot with California Professional Medical Corporations. As you go forward, having a right-hand man will protect you and set you in the right direction. Navigating it on your own means you are vulnerable to mistakes. Mistakes that can cost you money, your time and effort wasted, or worse, losing your license.

Get it right from the very beginning. Work with California Professional Medical Corporations.

Who We Are

California Professional Medical Corporations is run by Gale & Vallance, Attorney at Law. Our office focuses on working with medical professionals. We provide legal advice in setting up medical corporations, including helping you form your business name, prepare contracts, and provide legal aid regarding day-to-day operations. We know the health law in and out, as we have extensive experience working with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

What We Do

We are corporate lawyers who will guide you in setting up your professional medical corporation. From legal issues, formalizing business processes, to other significant challenges you may face in setting up your corporation, California Professional Medical Corporations is your partner to be with you through it all.

Our Process

We like working with medical professionals, and we appreciate what they go through. Our understanding of this informs our process to be simple and straightforward. You can easily access our contact form, go through payment, and we can start working immediately.

Our Goal

We work with the goal of strengthening your business foundation, letting you practice your profession with ease. Our aim is to provide you with maximum protection from the start. We encountered a lot of clients with medical corporations where we fixed problems that should have been prevented from the beginning. We want to see small businesses succeed, and be protected later down the road. We’re not in it to make money from legal litigations, we’re in it for your protection.


Your privacy is just as important as our privacy. The information you provide us with is protected and safe.

Work with California Professional Medical Corporations today.

We believe that helping our clients to form a new business is pivotal for their future security. A rocky start can become a headache in the future, but with a strong foundation, your business can be an extremely rewarding venture. We want to bring you ease in practicing your profession, with the knowledge that you are following the right laws and security that you are protected.

If you are looking to build a professional medical corporation, you can contact us here!